Zhejiang Golden Eagle Spun Silk Co.,Ltd (JiaXing Spun Silk Factory) is located beside the attractive South Lake with a multiple-production line os scouring and bleaching, carding,spinning and weaving, dying and manufactured cloth as well. The annual production of spun silk noil yarn is 600 tons, and 1,500,000 metres of weaving spun silk fabric and 100 tons of knitting silk fabric, 700,000(pieces & sets) clothes, All labeled with the trade-mark of ¡°SPA¡±.

Our SPA spun silk Yarn, 210Nm/2 Extra Grade and 210 Nm/2 Normal Grade won the Quality of National Golden Medal of the P.R. of China; 140Nm/2,Normal Grade,120Nm/2 Normal Grade, silk noil yarn of 27Nm/1,spun silk fabric 11378 and silk noil fabric 13587 won the Gold Prize of the ministry of National Textile; the yarns of 118Nm/1 Extra Grade and 60Nm/2 Normal Grade won the Provincial Gold Prize. The SPA knitted garments made of our spun silk yarn and silk yarn was awarded with the highest honor¡ªthe Sole Golden Medal of the 67th Rouen international Expo, France.

In order to meet the demands of the market, the company has developed and produced different kinds of blended yarns, fancy yarns, high quality fabric and other new production with SPA series in recent years. As a result, the level of ¡®SPA¡¯ has been lifted and the sphere of the brand has been expanded simultaneously.

The leading production, spun silk yarn and silk noil yarn, with ¡°SPA¡± of the company are mainly exported to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and HongKong, etc. The ¡°SPA¡± Brand enjoys high prestige around the world ;it is the outstanding of its kind among all the exporting silk products in China.

The spirits of Zhejiang Golden Eagle Spun Silk Co., Ltd are ¡®vow to contributing, seek for brilliant¡±. We adhere to the operating concept of ¡®high quality and sincerity with clients¡¯. The company is trying to create the best ¡°SPA¡± production and cultivate excellent post-sale service.

The truth of reform with keen determination, seek for superior, corporate faithfully with clients, respect for the career, dedicating to the company are the result of our ideology, which serves to the mass people and repay the society. We are willing to forge ahead with both new friends, devote ourselves in the world silk industry.